The top 8 Technology Trends to look out for in 2019-20

Technology is currently evolving so quickly that annual trend predictions may seem outdated, even before they go live as a posted blog or article. As technology progresses, it allows even faster change and progress, causing the rate of change to rise to an exponential degree. The IT personnel must keep an eye on the future of technology to help companies grow through a constant apprenticeship to keep pace with the technological trends.

If an entrepreneur wants to make the most of the advantages of developing trends with the help of IT professionals, they should also have a complete know-how of the emerging trends and sound knowledge of where the world is headed. The following are some of the trends you must include in your organization’s services and workflows to increase efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the most important trend to watch as its implications on how we live, work and play are only at the early stages. AI refers to computer systems designed to imitate human intelligence and carry out tasks such as image recognition, speech or patterns and decision making at least as humans do. However, AI will no doubt top us in every field once it reaches its full potential.

Five out of six Americans use AI services on a daily basis in different forms including search applications, streaming software, customized smartphones, ride-sharing applications, home personal assistants and smart home devices. Other than public use AI is also used in the business industries such as to plan trains, analyze corporate risk, predict maintenance and enhance energy efficiency.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interconnected computing devices, computational and electronic machines, objects, animals and individuals that have unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data across a network without needing human-to-human or human-to-computer communication. These range from extremely simple to extremely complex hardware and software systems that essentially work on basis of sensors. This is the building block of generalized technological advancement and uniformity of the world that all big tech leaders are looking forward to. Thus, investing in IoT is the best thing that you can do for your business.


Blockchain is defined as a digital ledger used to record transactions but is extremely secure due to the decentralized and encrypting technologies being used. Several analysts started arguing during 2019 that this technology was over-hyped because of cryptocurrency only and may not be as effective as thought. However, continued investment by giants like FedEx, IBM, Walmart, and Mastercard in 2019 will likely start showing real-world results, and if they succeed in making their point, smaller players can rapidly lead to an increase in adoption the next year.

Process Automation

Together with AI solutions, autonomous things such as drones, robots, and autonomous vehicles are being rapidly developed. We foresee a change from stand-alone products to complex systems of smart autonomous things. Autonomous devices are becoming more and more intelligent to interact with and establish interrelationships within complex systems with the development of AI technologies.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is no longer just a theory but a developed thing. As a clear example, self-driven cars are able to track image recognition and geolocation to create routes, voice recognition to follow commands, and various other technologies to provide people with convenience and comfort. This has essentially changed how humans live, entertain, and even do business.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) provides you with a complete digitally immersive experience of a computer-generated environment using goggles that merge the real world with your smartphone screen or any display. While Augmented Reality (AR) alters the real-world objects in the screens by overlaying digital objects over them.

Although these technologies are widely believed to be used only in the gaming world or the entertainment industry, recent technology developments have revealed that they can be used for much more than that. Many companies have understood and incorporated the advantages of VR and AR in healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, space exploration, and other sectors.

Cyber Security

With such an advancement of technology, security is inevitable. Users and Clients are becoming increasingly aware of the value of their information. As a result, they become even more interested in how to use it. In this regard, policymakers are actively planning, designing and implementing cybersecurity regulations. In 2019-20, compliance steps are likely to be introduced due to some cases of violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and noisy controversies related to Google and Facebook. Data security is likely to blend with intelligent services to enhance the security of existing systems. You must also think of applying this emerging technology to your advantage.

Cloud Computing

There is an increasing variety of cloud solutions and deployment models. This fact makes cloud services in various areas of operation more adaptable. Hybrid cloud solutions are gaining popularity among businesses. For some companies, however, they will also present a challenge. Most IT service providers believe that hybrid cloud solutions help accelerate the delivery of service.

This, if you think about it, is an important milestone. At first, cloud solution was seen as a way of avoiding the construction of large IT infrastructure from scratch and thus reducing costs. Soon, these approaches should provide more versatility and the ability to react to the rapidly changing market conditions more quickly and efficiently. The industries will develop a new view of the adoption of cloud solutions. Therefore, we foresee 2020 to be the year of business solutions using hybrid and multi-cloud networks.

5G Data Networks

2020 is expected to be the year that 5G really starts rising, with more competitive data plans as well as much expanded coverage, so everyone can join the fun. The business benefits of having super-fast and reliable internet access everywhere must be understood by businesses. The increased bandwidth will allow more data to be collected and transferred by machines, robots and autonomous vehicles than ever before, leading to advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart machinery field.

If your business needs to be competitive in such a fast pace environment, your business strategy must include these top technologies to improve the efficiency of your workforce and provide your customers with the best of services.