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How mobile apps are changing the world we live in?

Fabrice Grinda said about mobile phones:

“The most important impact on society and the world is the cell phone. Cell phones have actually been one of the primary drivers in productivity improvements.”

What makes mobile phones so influential are the apps made for and run by them; they have essentially changed the way we perform our tasks and responsibilities. Mobile apps have modified every domain and industry that exists today on this planet.

How AI can help your organization generate more revenue?

Artificial Intelligence has been called “the fourth industrial revolution” by the experts and tech-savvy. The concept is not so new and still in the process of developing and we are still far away from changing the world completely but still, its advancements are mind-blowing. The innovations in the fields of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning have led to the development of many software systems and devices that are automating tasks for the betterment of humanity. The ultimate goal of the researchers is to make humanoid robots that will function “just like humans” in every sense of the word.

Digital Transformation Is Changing Traditional Workflows in Every Industry

In today’s fast pace and technologically advanced environment, it is extremely important for a company to incorporate digital inventions in its workflows and build a digital presence. A company is nothing in front of its competitors if it doesn’t use the newest technology to provide the best of services to its customers and a progressive working environment to its workers. In this article, we will discuss how Digital Transformation helps a business succeed in the world of technology and how different industries are changing for better because of it.

Businesses need to conduct benchmarking using Artificial Intelligence for better decisions

Artificial Intelligence on one hand may be automating tasks and making menial jobs easier but on the other hand, it is offering substantial help for making informed decisions. By feeding the software or neural network the datasets available to the organization for a specific problem statement, AI will be able to assist you in decision making and even draw out certain scenarios which may happen in the course of time to your organization.

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