With loads of data and heavier computing needs, the future of online processing technology lies in cloud computing and storage. That’s why at Agilare we are equipped with trained certified experts with years of experience to help setup and implement your cloud-based servers. We can build a software interface that communicates specific to your cloud-hosting service provider. This solution can be combined with automation to programmatically back-up your data on a routine basis to minimize the risk of losing vital and proprietary information to the business. Build a SaaS model for providing your services to clients, billing, integrate APIs, or tell us your cloud-specific development need.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

If you have a software looking to provide it to your customers using cloud-computing, then hire us to develop a SaaS billing solution for you! The SaaS billing structure makes it more affordable than other software options and we can tailor the billing cadence to your business strategy as desired.