About The Client

SmartAge is an IT company that provides VAS services in the telecommunications industry.

About The Project

The project was based on an initiative to build a product that increases productivity for people throughout their daily lives. The solution organizes your activities and tasks in a priority mannerwhere you are reminded of your important items throughout the dayon any device currently logged in.

Some of the most valuable features Mindify offers are:

  • Never miss an important task to complete before the end of day
  • Plan and manage your day
  • Set reminders to send alerts on any device you carry on any custom cadence (Multi-Device Sync)
  • Set and manage your daily, weekly, or monthly budgets and monitor your spending
  • Create categories for any task or activity
  • Focus on your daily life and feel more organized with a clear mind

The Solution

  • Android app
  • IOS app
  • Web app
  • Website
  • Logo
  • Blog

Technology Stack Used

  • Front-end: HTML,JSS, Material-UI, Babel, Webpack, Redux, ReactJS, Katlin, Swift
  • Back-end: Python
  • Database: MySQL